Child Sponsorship
Rescue Alliance Educational Grant

Alehandra Bushati


Place: Albania - Shkoder

Project: Albania Children Support

Gender: Female

Childcare Facility: The "Dritan Prroj" Child Safety Center

Age: 13

Sponsorship Level

Alehandra lives with her parents, two sisters and her one year old brother John. She likes going to school and when she grows up wants to be an English teacher. She likes painting in her free time and wants to learn to use a computer. In the summertime she has been working some hours taking care of another baby and providing some money for her family. Alehandra is a very sensitive girl but is also very strong too. Since she was little she has watched her family gof through difficult and stressful situations due to the blood feud. When she was little she accidentally burned her leg with hot water. After school she goes home, does her homework and plays with her friends.

Our work in Shkoder, Albania began in October of 2015. The children in this community are specifically struggling from the horrible acts of blood feuds that have caused many of them to have lost one or both of their parents to murder or suicide.  Please keep these children in your prayers as they deal with many emotional, food, clothes and medical needs.