Child Sponsorship
Rescue Alliance Educational Grant

Alfred Qukaj


Place: Albania - Shkoder

Project: Albania Children Support

Gender: Male

Childcare Facility: The Dritan Prroj Child Safety Center

Sponsorship Level

Alfred lives with his parents, his brother and sister. Alfred's family is in the blood feud and this has effected his life very much. His father has become an alcoholic staying all day inside, not being able to freely move in the streets. His mother Agatima is the one who tries to provide income for the family but the expenses are many. Twice their house has been burned. Once all the children were inside of the house sleeping and it was hard for them to get outside. God's hand of protection was on them and he kept them safe. Since Alfred's father is drunk all the time he is often very violent with the children. His mother tries as much as she can to keep him calm but she can't stay hoe all day as she needs to work for the family.

Our work in Shkoder, Albania began in October of 2015. The children in this community are specifically struggling from the horrible acts of blood feuds that have caused many of them to have lost one or both of their parents to murder or suicide.  Please keep these children in your prayers as they deal with many emotional, food, clothes and medical needs.