Child Sponsorship
Rescue Alliance Educational Grant

Elaine Lape


Age: 17

Place: Philippines-Kabasalan

Project: Philippines Children Support

Gender: Female

Childcare Facility: King Jesus Christian Fellowship

Elaine Lape has been waiting 242 days for a sponsor.

Sponsorship Level

The King Jesus Christian Fellowship Center is located in Kabasalan on the island of Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines. This orphanage/childcare facility provides sleeping quarters as well as serving the local community though feeding programs, education and basic medical needs.

Our work in Kabasalan began in August of 2016.  This facility is a part of a thriving Christian church that reaches the local community with the love of God through many ways.  The children at this facility are a mixture of orphans and children that receive daily meals, clothing and education.  This area of the country is very impoverished and many of the children battle the challenge of staying in school and graduating due to the need of families needing their children to work to help make ends meet.  The support we are doing here is bringing hope to many children and the surrounding community through shoe distribution, clothes, food and the love of God.