Child Sponsorship
Rescue Alliance Educational Grant

Gesti Allushi


Age: 12

Place: Albania-Thumane

Project: Albania Children Support

Gender: Male

Childcare Facility: The Hope House

Gesti Allushi has been waiting 30 days for a sponsor.

Sponsorship Level

Thumanë, Albania: Hope House:  This children's facility brings hope to children of Thumanë. With daily meals, education, biblical studies and lessons on hygiene and life skills; these children are receiving hope and love that did not exist in their lives prior. This center is truly changing their lives and showing them purpose and teaching them to have expectation of a future. 


Our work in Thumane began with the opening of the VERY FIRST HOPE HOUSE! Thumane was the launching point of a new wave of HOPE as we purchased, renovated and brought in many children experiencing poverty into a new safe place of hope, love and education.  In Thumane we feed, clothe, offer medical and education to the children associated with the program.  Your support of these children bring life and future that may not have otherwise been offered.