Child Sponsorship
Rescue Alliance Educational Grant

Pabina Khamchamagar


Age: 15

Place: Nepal-Kawasoti

Project: Nepal Children Support

Gender: Female

Childcare Facility: Kawasoit Hope House

Pabina Khamchamagar has been waiting 62 days for a sponsor.

Sponsorship Level

The Kawasoti Hope House: Located 8 hours outside the capital city of Kathmandu in Kawasoti, Nepal. As you can see, a generic birthdate has been provided, as most children in this orphanage are unaware of their birthdate. Education in this orphanage is taught by the directors themselves as transportation costs are too great to send the children to government funded schools.

Our work in Kawasoti, Nepal began in August of 2015.  Since then we have connected with many orphanages, helping children all over the nation and work with the government.  We are believing for a greater impact in this area every year!